Best Workout Supplements

best workout supplements

Best Workout Supplements

Many people are getting a lot of great results from including a smart supplement plan in their daily nutrition plan. However many don’t know how and when to take the supplements in order to get the best results with fat loss and building sexy toned muscle.

In this article we’re going to look at the best workout supplements in the industry and take it one step further so you aren’t flushing money down the drain, especially if you’ve tried some supplementation in the past and not gotten the best results.

I’m going to divide this article into three segments. The first segment will talk about the daily supplements you want to make you include, the second segment will go over pre-workout supplements and the third segment will go over post-workout supplements.

Best Workout Supplements: The Dailies

Although it’s pretty clear that some supplements are best taken before and after working out, there are some that you will want to take daily since their benefits are only seen long-term.

Multi-Vitamin: The most obvious of these daily supplements are multi-vitamins that are specific for active individuals as well as for gender. Even though there has been some documentation that we can get all our vitamins from a healthy food, when we put our bodies under the strain of exercise we require more vitamins so I believe it’s always best to make sure we get the essentials. One of the most reputable brands is Optimum Nutrition and these are highly reviewed with great results – Optimum Opti-Women and Optimum Opti-Men. Two other highly rated multi’s are Universal Animal Pak and Controlled Labs Orange Triad.

The best time to take a multi is in the morning since you have basically been in an 8 hour fast during sleep so getting these replenished first thing is definitely in your interest!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: The benefits of Omega 3’s range from helping with memory and brain function, all the way to helping lubricate joints and giving your body the essential fatty acids that it needs to operate at it’s best.  There is no doubt that Omega 3’s should be part of your daily regimen.  Make sure to select a high quality Omega 3 which is filtered and free of heavy metals such as mercury, the best rated I’ve ever seen is NOW Ultra Omega-3 but AllMax Nutrition Omega 3 is also a serious contender for best in the industry and a little less expensive.

Since you need to take Omega’s about 3-4 times a day it is best to have with a meal to get the best absorption and no after-taste.

High Quality Whey Protein: Whey protein smoothies are an absolute must for men and women who are looking to cut the uncontrollable cravings and build lean sexy muscle.  If you think all whey proteins are the same then you are seriously mistaken as the quality of whey protein you get in a discount store like Costco will never compare to the best in the industry.  Although one of my favorites has been a whey protein that is make of all natural ingredients – Optimum 100% Natural Whey there is a new player in town that blows away the results of any whey protein I have ever come across in the past 19 years that I have been training.  The new player in town is Platinum Hydrobuilder and is one of the most comprehensive proteins in the market as it includes essential amino acids for recovery and rebuilding muscle, creatine to support lean muscle mass, and a compound by the name of betaine which helps improve energy and power.  Take my word on this, this stuff rocks!

For those of you who want an organic and vegan source of protein try either Vega Sport Performance Protein or Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein.

Best time to take whey protein is really anytime you want a hearty snack to refuel and provide nourishment.  I like a small amount in the morning with breakfast, and then in between my meals so I don’t give in to junk foods.

Antioxidants: You’ve probably heard a lot about antioxidants as they have been blasted all over the health shows since they can help prevent damage done by environmental pollutants, toxins found in our foods and even the damaging rays of the sun which make us look all weathered.  Although there are some good Acai products which claim to be the most potent of antioxidants I’ve found that a natural green tea extract like NOW Green Tea Extract is a much more reliable and affordable supplement to take on a daily basis, plus it has been proven to be great at helping people lose fat weight. Similarly a quality Vitamin C supplement especially during times when your immune system may be compromised from training very intensely

Best time to take it is with your snacks a couple times a day as it will also help keep your energy levels up.

Immune Support: When we are stressed out, working long hours and still trying to train intensely our immune system can be seriously compromised and this is the time when we get sick quite easily. Acting as an anti-oxidant and an immune booster is good old vitamin C and a power supplement like NOW C-1000 is a great to have at hand. In addition to this we’ll talk about some other natural and powerful immune and recovery supplements in the post-workout segment of this article series.

Best time to take Vitamin C is again in the mornings, but you can also take it with any meal. I don’t recommend it on an empty stomach since it is acidic in nature and can cause some intestinal discomfort/heartburn.

Sleep Support: When it comes to workout supplements, they almost all become ineffective if you don’t have a deep rich sleep.  With all the daily stress factors it’s a huge issue for many of us and having a sleep support supplement like Shut-Eye or Muscle Pharm Bullet Proof in your arsenal is a very smart strategy.  Sleep is the time when our muscles recover and repair, in additon to this our will power and stamina is at it’s best after a good sleep so don’t underestimate the value of getting a good 8 hours a night.

Best Workout Supplements: Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the best workout supplements that you should be taking on a daily basis if you are serious at losing fat weight and keeping the muscle toned and in tip top shape.  The more serious the intensity of your workouts the more important supplementing your diet becomes and only with intensity do we see serious changes in our body that we are happy with.

In the next edition of best workout supplements which will focus on the pre-workout angle you will be able to take boost your intensity and really see results quickly, read it here – Best Workout Supplements: Pre-Workout.  It took me over a decade to break these secrets and they only became very apparent to me after taking an advanced sports nutrition certification course and then applying the concepts to my training and for those of my clients.

If  you have any questions about these essentials please leave a comment below…

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